Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii

Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii
91-1241 Saratoga Avenue
Kapolei, HI 96707
Phone: 808-488-7391
Fax: 808-488-6952

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Medically Fragile Community Care Program

Providing Support for You and Your Children at Home

Raising a child with health problems is challenging, and requires extra patience from the parents. However, our goal is to relieve your stress and confusion regarding complex medical procedures and paperwork. Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii is here to support you and provide guidance on how to access the services needed for your child.

Case Management & Care Coordination

For years, we have gained trust and recognition from families of medically fragile children because we have never let the families deal with the problems alone.

Our program staff is dedicated to working closely with each child and their family to individualize the care plan that meets their needs.

We coordinate with service providers, medical supply companies, physicians and others to make sure that your child receives the best quality of care.

Home Visit

Prior to providing services, our program staff will visit you at home to conduct an assessment of your child’s medical condition and the family’s financial situation.

A reassessment of your child’s physical and medical health will be done at your home monthly, which allows us to update the care plan that meets the current needs of your child.

The number of home visits is not restricted, and the parents are welcome to contact our program staff by phone whenever needed.